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The HeroQuest Resource: Magic







Counter Magic

Note: I'm still working on tweaking this magic and I'll need several more quests till I really have it fined tuned. Also I'll be adding some new spells for sure. So keep checking back.

4 mana points

Counter Wounds- A simple heal spell this will counter any wound on any character it is cast upon.

Augment Magic- The next spell cast by receiver of this spell has twice the desired effect GM NOTE: Anything that works with dice rolls gets twice the amount of dice. You may want to only allow this spell to work on certain other spells. For instance if you have a spell that attacks with 9 dice to begin with this spell would make it 18, a ridiculously high number.

Negate magic- If cast upon a character other then the caster the effects of magic attacks upon them are cut in half for 1D6 turns. If cast upon him or herself the counter magician has this spell in effect for the rest of the quest. GM NOTE: If a magic attack only takes off one BP from the character then that amount is not cut by anything.

8 mana points

Trace Teleport- The caster and his party may follow a teleport by another character (such as escape) GM NOTE: You may want to have your villain have some way to negate this spell if "Escape" plays a vital part in your quest. You also may want to tell the heroes that they may be stuck in stone forever if the room is not big enough to hold them all.

Shatter- The character rolls 1D6. If the roll is a 4-6 then the receiver of this spell has his last spell that is still in effect (IE: Courage, Rock Skin or the like) Shattered and the spell is no longer in effect. Any other number and the spell has no effect.

Reflect- Any magic cast upon the benefactor of this spell is reflected back to the caster for 1D6 turns GM NOTE: If a character has reflect on themselves and then cast a spell upon themselves they will be stuck in a "Spell Loop" They must make a saving throw. If they roll a 1 or 2 their mind is fried and they lose all their health points (better hope they have a POH). On a roll of 3-5 they overcome the loop, the spell they cast has no effect and reflect stays in effect. On a roll of a 6 reflect is shattered and the spell they cast comes into effect.

Mana Share- Sends 8 mana to whoever this spell is cast upon (if the Count Magician is an apprentice this spell only sends 6 mana because the magician is not fully efficient yet.)

12 Mana Points

Weapon Power- Increases the power of a weapon by 1 combat die for the duration of the quest. Counter Shield- Works like the reflect spell except it reflects physical attacks not magic. May only be cast on one character in the party at any one time.

Mind blade- The caster may enhance the power of a blade permanently by taking one of his mind points and infusing it into the blade upping its combat die by 1. Because of the costly process the caster loses 5 of his total mana each time he casts this spell and these mana are never regained. The blade is enchanted as long as the caster of the spell lives.

16 Mana Points

Group Reflect- Has the same effect as "Reflect" but effects casters entire party and lasts for 2D6

Augment Profit- Any gold found by the party is doubled. This spell lasts for the duration of the quest.

20 Mana Points

Auto Counter Attack- Any time the benefactor of this spell is successfully hit by a magic or physical attack, he automatically counter attacks no matter what the situation with his full amount of attack die. This spell lasts the duration of the quest.

Magic Recall- The only "attack" of a counter magician. Every spell in the target's arsenal is "cast" all at once, essentially frying the person's mind, while none of the spells work properly the light show is pretty. This spell is undefendable and works as long as the target know 2 or more spells (whether they have cast them already does not matter)

50 Mana Points

Death- All monsters on the board with less then 3 mind points falls upon each other and destroy each other. This spell is the pinnacle of counter magic and may only be cast by an Arch Master of Counter Magic.

Ranger Magic

Killer Weed- This monstrous thorned weed lashes about causing 2 points of damage to every monster in the room. Each may roll 2D6. A 5 or a 6 reduces the hits by 1 BP.

Spiked Thorn- Cause 4 body points of damage to a monster. He can roll 4D6 each 5 or 6 rolled reduces damage by 1BP.

Camouflage- Hides the hero for a infinite amount of turns but he may not move or attack. Performing a action will unhide the hero. May be cast on others.

Ambush- The hero blends into the shadows and may attack with 2 extra combat die next turn. May not be cast on others.

Foraging- The hero forages for the exact right herb to heal himself.

Withering Willow- Stuns all monsters in room for 1 round.