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The HeroQuest Resource: Charecters







Notes on my characters: My characters were mostly influenced by the work J.D. Frazer and the work done on top of that by Jonathan Long on his website. I just recently converted to mana points and I still do not like Feats of fate and Feat of dexterity. I do not implement these on my characters. If you want, adding these shouldn't be to hard. I truly hope you enjoy and check back often.

Counter Magician(1)
You are an undoer and a helper of others. You cast Counter Magic and wish to see the evil of the world reversed
Attack DiceNone
Defend Dice2
Body Points4
Mind Points13
Starting ArmorBackwards Robes
Starting WeaponsNone
Mana Points50

Notes: A counter magician has no attack of his own, be it sword or magic and may not carry a weapon. A counter magician may not wear anything heavier than robes.
Spells: The Magician gets 24 mana points with which they may allocate to any 4 or 8 mana point spell and learn it. These spells cost the magician no mana points and must be chosen before each quest. Counter Magicians may not use any other types of magic other then counter magic.See Counter Magic
Backwards Robes- The trademark of a counter magician, they provide him with 2 defense die and a lot of odd looks.

You are a woods man. You do not engage in hand to hand combat but prefer to engage in combat from a distance.
Attack Dice1
Defend Dice2
Body Points6
Mind Points4
Starting ArmorNone
Starting WeaponsShortbow
Mana PointsN/A
Magic- May cast each spell 2 times. See Ranger Magic
Weapons- May only use bows, no hand to hand combat. It would be advisable to get him a longbow and crossbow as soon as possible.

You are but a thought upon the air. You cannot be seen easily unless you want to, you are somewhat playful and enjoy tormenting those who are your companions. Wisps are distant relatives of Air Elementals and close relatives of Gusts.
Attack Dice2
Defend Dice2
Body Points1
Mind Points3
Starting ArmorNone
Starting WeaponsNone
Mana Points25
Notes about wisps: Wisps may only be seen if they have attacked that round otherwise they are too hard to spot. Wisps may not carry anything (armor, weapons, artifacts, etc.) and may not use potions.
Notes on attacking wisps: To make a successful attack on a wisp the attacker must first roll one combat die. If they roll a skull then they may attack as normal, if they roll anything else they are unable to spot the wisps.
Resurrection: A wisp may not be revived by normal means (including necromancy). If a wisp dies the player must roll 1D6 If a 1-3 is rolled the wisp is dead. If a 4-6 is rolled then the wisp is resurrected.
GM note: As you can see, although a wisp doesn't look very tough at first glance they are actually quite tough. Stay tuned for wisp magic and special interaction with Gusts, both of which I will be adding soon.

1. A note on magician status: Apprentice- First 5-8 Quests, 1/3 regular mana. Only 4-8 mana spells available. Journeyman- 9-15 Quests, 2/3 regular mana, 4-16 mana spells spells avalible. Master- 16 or more quests, Full Mana, All spells except 50 mana spells (or 40 mana spells depending on charecter) Arch Master- 30 or more quests- All spells. Full Mana. I implement these because a Master of Counter or Chrono or similar magic on the first HeroQuest map would be way to powerful, use them however you want.