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The HeroQuest Resource: Artifacts







A note on Artifacts: I love these things, I make em all the time, I have not played with some of the ones I've made yet so I cannot guarantee they are all playbalanced. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy! Ill have the images for these up soon

Crusader's Sword

A sword believed to be blessed by the ancient spirits who took part in the early crusades. 3 attack. 4 on undead. May not be used by magicians.

Elven Cadre

A shrill whistle summons a cadre of elves to attack the creature of your choice. The elves have a total of 4 attack die. May be used once per quest (not an action)

Mysterious Warrior

Ally of many, friend of none, this warrior comes in your hour of greatest need and has an attack of 5 die. May be used once per quest.


You forage for the proper herb to heal you. You are restored to your highest amount of body points allowed. May be used once per quest.

Mystic Amulet Rubbing this amulet makes you become but a thin outline. All monsters in the room will have to perform a search to find you (this takes one turn) If there are other heroes in the room the monsters will attack them first. May be used once per room.

Elven Scepter Tap this Scepter upon the ground and an Elven Princess comes to bless your journey. You receive 1 extra die in defense from the undead. Lasts for duration of quest. May be used once per quest