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August 23- I being an absolute dolt have been doing my maps in a totally inefficient way and thanks to Jonathan Long I now know a much easier way. So what was almost finished I have to start over again. I hope to have the dark portal quest (at least some of it) up by the time my school starts September 1st. I added to more Monsters today. Hope you enjoy my takes on some old standbys.

August 19- Added about 6 new Monsters and one charecter. Be sure to check em out.

August 18- Did some spelling corrections. I'm still working on digitizing the dark portal campaign.

August 13- Added several more artifacts.

August 12- Today I added about 5 new monsters and 2 artifacts. Hopefully Quest 1 of the Dark Portal Campaign should be up very soon. Also I've moved this page to tripod. I didn't like the slowness of the xoom servers. Hope you all have a better experience here!

August 11- Added Ranger and Counter Magician to the Charecters section and put their spells in the Magic section. Added one Monster. No quests or artifacts yet. More to come!

August 10- This Page is first posted. All the links should be working but don't expect much under each for a while at least. Thanks for visiting!

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